Web Design

Web development can run the gamut from do-it-yourself to thousands of dollars in expense and hours and hours of valuable time. At InsSoftware we develop sites for the industry that we’re versed in, so, we speak the language.
Additionally we provide a template site designed to get a feel for your preferences before we begin work. The client’s involvement is encouraged as the site is easily accessible and progress updates easily reviewed by our client.

Web Hosting

A company’s web page can be the first, or the last, impression that is made on a potential client. Through the use of our secure, “always up” servers InsSoftware is able to offer web hosting for our clients. Whether InsSoftware designs your company’s internet presence or not, we would like to provide your company with a reliable hosting solution.

Backup Strategies

The most ignored, most “assumed” function of most network administrators is the quality and completeness of the company’s backups. Whether the risk to the system is through a virus or other malware, it is crucial to the company’s continued operation that the backups be usable in case of emergency. InsSoftware’s analysts will develop backup strategies that, when followed correctly, will ensure that the backup will be usable if ever needed.