Through years of working with clients whose employees were dispersed geographically, InsSoftware developed the concept of a
“virtual office” allowing team members to stay on top of their projects from anywhere they can gain internet access.
Prospects, Project Management, Employee Directory and Company Calendar are but a few of the processes that can be utilized in
the “virtual office”.
Client customization is also available, including a web-interface with our other products.


InsTrack was designed to provide a cost efficient, web based software solution for lenders to keep track of the insurance requirements on all types of collateral. Because the system is web based it can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access. A high degree of security is employed to keep potentially sensitive information from un-wanted exposure. A basic reports and forms package allows the client to customize their output while maintaining the data at a fraction of the costs of other systems.


Many organizations still neglect off-site backups of their critical data and operating systems. InsVault was developed to make daily system backups an automatic event and ensure that the data your company is reliant upon is stored in a geographically remote secure location. Those businesses concerned about HIPAA compliance will find InsVault’s features very desirable. Your files are encrypted and compressed using the latest most secure technologies before being transmitted to the remote site. Compression means that your backups will take less time to complete, as well as using less space.


InsPlan allows decision makers to formulate a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuation Plan easily from web-based templates that can be printed locally at will. Because the plan is stored off-site in a geographically remote location, the plan will survive any disaster that befalls the customer’s location.
InsPlan is well documented and takes the user through a step by step process that interacts with a web based database housing critical information necessary to get the business on the road to recovery as soon as possible.